Equipment for Brewing, Grinding and Espresso

Stone Cup Roasting Company is committed to your providing the highest quality, freshest, best tasting specialty coffee to your customers.  Here at Stone Cup Roasting Co., we recognize that selecting the proper equipment is a critical factor in achieving this objective.  After lengthy and careful consideration of all coffee equipment available to the marketplace, Stone Cup Roasting Co. has determined to provide equipment manufactured by the companies that are generally considered to be the industry leaders in espresso machine, brewing and grinding technology.  We are proud distributors of La Marzocco espresso machines and grinders, Rancilio espresso machines and grinders, and Fetco brewing equipment and grinders.  This equipment is available for purchase from Stone Cup Roasting Co. at a discounted distributor pricing

Stone Cup will be glad to assist you in projecting volume usages so that we may provide the appropriate sized brewing system, enabling you to meet the demand while at the same time minimizing the possibility of having surplus brewed coffee which has to be served old or disposed of.  Contact or 1-888-698-4404 for more information. 

Stone Cup Fresh Brew System

Stone Cup Roasting Co. is committed to providing the highest quality, freshest, best tasting specialty coffee to our café as well as our wholesale customers.  We now have the opportunity to provide the same, great specialty coffee to our office coffee customers.  Here at Stone Cup Roasting Co., we recognize that selecting the proper equipment is a critical factor in achieving this objective.  We therefore are proud to present the “Stone Cup Fresh Brew System”.  In the Spring of 2006 we instituted a program oriented around a single cup whole bean coffee brewer, the “Stone Cup Fresh Brew System.”  This technology has made possible our ability to ship whole bean coffee, packaged in one way gas valve bags, to our office coffee customers.  The result is coffee that is distinctly fresher than the alternative ground coffees that are typical of this segment of the marketplace.  The “Stone Cup Fresh Brew System” stores whole bean coffee in hoppers and at the push of a button the coffee is ground, brewed and dispensed into a single cup.  This entire process takes place within 42 seconds. 

The “Stone Cup Fresh Brew System” can be customized to include three drip coffees, hot chocolate, specialty coffee and a hot water dispenser for teas.  Our OCS program includes the “Stone Cup Fresh Brew System”, cabinetry w/ hole for used filters and grounds, cup dispenser, condiment holder, water filter and flojet water pump.  The brewer was manufactured for use with either water bottles or may be hard plumbed.  In addition, this system may be customized to include a vending feature.  This equipment is provided for you by Stone Cup Roasting Co. under the terms of our OCS program.  If you choose to participate in our OCS Program, you must meet certain criteria for eligibility.  The requirements are as follows:

  • Monthly fee
  • Maintain minimum usage requirement of 20lbs. per week (180 cups per day/based on 5 workdays per week)
  • Utilize Stone Cup Coffee exclusively on equipment provided, at prevailing OCS price rate
  • Utilize Stone Cup Roasting Co. recommended filtration system
  • Two year OCS Equipment on Loan Agreement
  • Maintain Equipment to exacting standards


Stone Cup Roasting Co. will perform the initial installation of the “Stone Cup Fresh Brew System” as well as any subsequent on demand service as may be required.  Only a Stone Cup authorized service technician will be allowed to provide maintenance services which are deemed to be outside typical maintenance and cleaning responsibilities as performed by the customer.  Stone Cup Roasting Co. will provide related training as to the refilling of bean hoppers, replacement of filter tape, changing out water bottles, proper disposal of grounds and regular cleaning.   Customer agrees that should any equipment malfunctions occur due to the neglect of these responsibilities, customer will be billed at our prevailing service rates for costs associated with said equipment repair.

*Please note that an office with 100 – 130 employees will use 200 cups daily*

Contact or 1-888-698-4404 for more information.

Stone Cup Roasting Company has the ability to coach you through the steps for opening your own café --  from site location, securing funding, menu development and training.  Contact us at or 1-888-698-4404 for more information.