Letter from the Founder

Welcome to the freshest, highest quality, best tasting coffee available.  Welcome to coffee with a philosophy.  Welcome to Stone Cup Roasting Co. - a world class specialty coffee roaster.

Since 1997, Stone Cup Roasting Co. has brought exceptional coffees to our customers throughout the country.  These distinctive coffees are the result of great passion and attention to detail.  It is a distinction that begins with our unrelenting pursuit to provide premier coffees by sourcing the highest quality green coffee, followed by our unique roasting process and culminating in an excellent cup of coffee.

We continue to be the purveyor of a unique and satisfying coffee experience across channels.  
Whether savoring our coffee in your home, at one of our cafes, or enjoying our coffee in your favorite café or restaurant, we seek to stimulate and transport you into an invigorating moment of modest pleasure, created of your own mind and accompanied by the knowledge that you are partners with a responsible, artisanal roaster committed to the single principle of sourcing, roasting and providing the finest coffees from around the world.

I hope you enjoy touring our website, learning more about us, our coffee and how to brew the perfect cup.  While you’re here, sign up for our newsletter or drop us a note and share your favorite caffeinated experience.

All my best,

Jennifer A. Stone