Stone Cup’s story starts with Jennifer Stone, the Founder and President.  Her journey began when she began studying Spanish/Mexican coffee culture. This led to a comprehensive study of coffee and the coffee process. Stone realized that retail was the best way to experience her passion and share it with others. She wanted to make sure Stone Cup’s number one priority was quality. In pursuit of having the best quality of coffee Stone believed that coffee should be about the COFFEE rather than its back story so she developed a tasting process for choosing her coffee called, “blind cupping” where she taste a roast without knowing anything about it to avoid any bias. The taste must go above and beyond for Stone Cup to buy the roast and share it because our customers expect nothing less.

Jennifer Stone judges coffee competitions around the world annually, including the world renowned “cup of excellence” competition which is held in several countries to identify the highest quality of coffee produced each year. Stone is also a licensed coffee Q grader.

Stone Cup Roasting Company is all about the bean. It has brought the highest quality coffee to guests at a reasonable price in our Stone Cup café, cafés, and grocery stores around the Southeast since 1997. Whether it’s our hand-roasted blends or single origin shade grown coffee, Stone Cup strives to give you the most excellent, best tasting cup of coffee you can find. We pride ourselves on sharing the knowledge and history behind each roast sold so that you can find the roast that you feel makes the perfect cup. You can discover more about what makes our coffee so special by going to the coffee tab.