Our Process

There are two distinctly crafted methods regarding how the processing of our coffee is handled.  The first is the dry method, also known as natural coffee, and it is the oldest known method of brewing coffee.  This process begins by harvesting coffee berries and continuing with a sun dried process until the berries are ready to be ground down.  Before the berries are ready to be ground, a specialized technique is used to remove the husk from the berry.   

The other method is known as the wet method, which involves taking washed coffee beans and removing the covering by gently discarding the multiple layers of husk, leaving the bean to ferment.  After this occurs, the beans are smoothly washed and overlooked by employees who stir continuously until they are left with a thin skin covering the bean.  This finely thinned layer is known as the parchment or peragimo and can either be sold in its current state or  stripped of this parchment and is ready for roasting.